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Interior Painting Newport Beach, CA

All homeowners want a relaxing and comfortable spot inside their home. It could be the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or any area where they can rest after a tiring day. But there are times that the interior may not offer the beauty and inviting ambiance that they need and want. The most simple and cost-effective solution to this is to repaint the interiors. By changing the theme or color combination of the walls, ceiling and other interior areas, you can bring back the life and cozy atmosphere inside your home. Just make sure that the interior painting project is well-planned and handled by skilled and experienced painting contractors. If you do it in a DIY manner, you have to learn the painting process and use the right painting techniques to achieve your desired results.

An interior painting project will usually require special tools and equipment and extensive knowledge of the different painting methods and techniques. Your project will be in good hands if you will let professionals handle the painting task. A well-known California painting contractor that you can trust for your interior painting project is Picasso House Painting and Faux Finishes. We have decades of experience in the industry and possess all the resources needed to complete complex painting jobs. We are also experts in various painting techniques, such as faux finishes and Venetian plaster. If you are looking for people who can make your home look more luxurious and elegant, we are the company to hire. We have already provided this kind of service to countless satisfied clients in Newport Beach, Anaheim, Oceanside, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, San Diego, Vista, Yorba Linda, and Dana Point, CA. Call us today at (949) 276-1567 for a free quote.

DIY Interior Painting

Some homeowners opt for a DIY interior painting job rather than hiring professionals. If you also take the same path, make sure that you have all the materials and supplies needed for the task. Decide on the specific paint color, texture, or finish before going to your favorite home improvement center. You should also choose the right type of paint to get outstanding result. Oil-based paints are recommended for interior applications while the water-based paints are best used on outdoor features and amenities.

If you are serious about your DIY painting project, you need to buy these tools and supplies:

  • brushes and rollers
  • safety glasses or goggles
  • respirator or face mask
  • rubber gloves
  • pry bar
  • paint scraper and putty knives
  • drop cloths
  • paint edger
  • ladders
  • buckets and roller pans
  • tack cloths and rags
  • paint thinner

Interior Painting Process

It is important to follow the right process when painting your interiors. It will not only speed up the task but also help minimize back jobs. If you're doing the interior painting job in a DIY manner, always follow a systematic workflow. It should be strictly followed before, during, and after the final stage of the painting job. As a rule, you have to work on the ceiling first so that drips falling on the walls can be covered later. Then work on your walls following a top to bottom painting pattern. The trim and baseboard should be the last spots in your task. If you follow this process, you can expect a successful interior painting project.


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