Hand Finish Textures

Our company employs people who are experts in various painting techniques and different types of finishes such as hand finish textures. Our past clients love the unique and stunning textured surfaces that we have created for them and we’re confident that you will, too. If you’re residing in San Diego County and Orange County, please dial (949) 276-1567 today to hire our services.

Why Opt for Textured Finishes?

Texturing walls and ceilings offer a lot of outstanding benefits that are just too good to pass on. Here are some of the perks that you could enjoy with this method:

  • Decorative touch. A textured finish to a ceiling or wall can enhance its overall appeal. So if you want to go for optimum aesthetic finish, then this technique is perfect.

  • Hides damages and imperfections. In the case of smooth surfaces, scratches and dings are too easy to notice, which means that it could be an eyesore. With hand finish textures, this would not be a concern since the technique effectively conceals such imperfections.

  • Conceals variations in surface. Other forms of imperfections are slight and oftentimes obvious differences in the surface of ceilings and walls. Just like with dings and scratches, this could be easily resolved by going for textured finishes.

Types of Hand Finish Textures

As painting experts, we can work on various hand finish textures to achieve your desired look or theme for your home. We can help you decide which textures will look best in your home’s interior or exterior area. Whether for ceilings or walls, it’s possible to achieve various drywall textures in light, medium, and heavy accents.

Some of the hand finish textures that we can work on include the following:

  • Spanish texture. This texture recreates the look of Venetian plaster and is considered an economical alternative to the latter. Tan and deep red coloring and drywall mud are usually applied to the wall surface using a palette knife. A gloss coating is also applied as finishing touch.

  • Old World. Old World texture is one of our highly favored options because of its timeless beauty and subdued yet enigmatic appeal. It is characterized by rustic look that is reminiscent of French and Mediterranean villages.

  • Mediterranean. Also known as knockdown texture, the Mediterranean texture is similar to stucco finish and is favored for its warm and rustic appeal. It is achieved using drywall joint compound, which is allowed to set before being troweled to achieve its unique look.

  • Santa Barbara. If you want an almost smooth finish for your walls, the Santa Barbara texture is a perfect candidate. It is generally applied with two coats and a pool trowel and generates a unique elegant look that renders character to any wall surface.

  • Tuscan. The Tuscan hand finish texture bears uncanny similarity with Venetian plaster but differentiates itself with slightly pronounced surface. It provides depth and accent that can make any wall turn heads. Tuscan texture is primarily focused on using earth tones to achieve a rustic, time-hewn appearance.

Outstanding Finishes

Allow us to make your interiors look stunning with the various hand finish textures that we can work on. Our seasoned painters know how to use tools like hand trowel and hawk to achieve your desired textures. Picasso House Painting & Faux Finishes can guarantee you the perfect look and texture for your walls and ceilings so you can wow your guests each time. Please call us now.

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