Painting Company

If you are still looking for the right painting company, call Picasso House Painting and Faux Finishes today. We offer professional painting services to residential clients across California. Our decades of experience in this field are our guarantee to clients that they will get top-notch services regardless of the size of the project. We can paint new homes or repaint interior and exterior areas in your property with utmost proficiency. We are highly skilled in various painting methods and techniques, so we can achieve any design or theme that you may want for your home! Read more about Painting Company >>

Painting Contractor

The beauty and elegance of your home will be compromised if you don’t choose the right contractor for the job. The best painting contractor that you can hire in California is Picasso House Painting and Faux Finishes. Our lengthy experience in the industry is a proof of our competency in this area. We don't just start the job by repainting your interior or exterior area. We perform an onsite assessment to determine the condition of your home or specific area to be painted! Read more about Painting Contractor >>

Interior Painting

All homeowners want a relaxing and comfortable spot inside their home. It could be the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or any area where they can rest after a tiring day. But there are times that the interior may not offer the beauty and inviting ambiance that they need and want. The most simple and cost-effective solution to this is to repaint the interiors. By changing the theme or color combination of the walls, ceiling and other interior areas, you can bring back the life and cozy atmosphere inside your home! Read more about Interior Painting >>

Faux Finishes

Do you want to change the look of your interiors and transform it into a more luxurious space? You can do this by repainting your interiors using the faux painting technique. It is a popular technique used by painting contractors to enhance the beauty of interior spaces. The great thing about this method is that it can transform your walls and other structures into beautiful surfaces! Read more about Faux Finishes >>

Venetian Plaster, Newport Beach, CA

Are you still searching for ways that can effectively improve your home's beauty and appeal? Don't fret since Venetian plaster can provide the solution you need. This type of plaster has been used for centuries and primarily used for decorative purposes. When applied by professionals, it can transform your walls and ceilings into beautiful works of art! Read more about Venetian Plaster >>

House Painting Newport Beach, CA

A cost effective way of giving your house a fresh new look is by giving your interior or exteriors a new lick of paint. This can really change the whole look and feel of your property. The team at Picasso House Painting and Faux Finishes has the experience and knowledge to also help you select the right colors to really make that statement! Read more about House Painting >>

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